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Goddunnit Promotions Studio

4 edit suites

3 dogs

2 cats

300+ fish

Free coffee

Dysfunctional crew

Micaela camera/editor

Neil: camera/editor

Don: Producer/director/shouter

Kristina: Safari/travel

ninja presenter/poser

Craig: Wildlife


Sean: calm

camera passenger

Don: backseat pilot director

DEADLINES .... are you kidding?

Kristina: Workaholic presenter

Flexible producer


Sean: The famous

dog grimace

Matthew: Mr. patience

Cara and coffee to the rescue

Hectic work schedules

Very little time for fishing .... ever

Craig's aircraft: often grounded!

The trusty "Matus Madonna" filming vehicle

Craig: Specialist wildlife presenter

           with presenter Nicola

Neil: Dog curiosity/drone observer

Karina: Travel


Kate: Conservation


This is not a toothpaste ad

Mr. Gadget man

Like a boss!

Micaela the thinker?

Intrepid explorers 24/7

Zero time

for games!

Loving animals that don't run away

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